How to generate a star pattern using Informatica with a Java Transformation

This post is in continuation to my earlier post where I described how to generate a star pattern without using a Java transformation. In this post I will describe the method to generate this pattern using Java transformation. Just for the benefit of readers who have not read my previous post, below is the description […]

How to generate a star pattern using Informatica

Question:- To generate a star pattern using Informatica depending on the number of rows in the input file Suppose there are 7 rows in the source file (any type of data), ┬áthe target should have 7 rows of stars in the following pattern:- Fig1 Solution:- There are two ways of doing this – first is […]

How to Load Only the first row and last row from a file to a target file using aggregator

This post describes another way of loading the first and last rows. This time using the aggregator transformation. Please see my previous post if you want to know how to do this using a Rank Transformation.(Using Rank Transformation) Here we are going to use the default behaviour of the Aggregator transformation to get the last […]