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How to prepare for Informatica PowerCenter v9 Developer certification – Part2 (The Reading Material)

This post is in continuation to my previous post on how to prepare for Informatica PowerCenter v9 Developer certification,  in which I described the syllabus for the exam,

In this post I will describe how to get the reading material for the certification and which parts to study for an efficient and effective study.

Also, I would like to highlight that there is no substitute for hands on experience, and I would strongly encourage you to practice various transformations and concepts on the PowerCenter tools. You can install a copy of Informatica PowerCenter v9 for personal use by following my six part guide here.

With all the intro aside, lets dive straight into the topic at hand. Where to get the reading material and what to read.

Downloading the reading materials:- The product guides supplied with the product installation package is the main source of reading material. If you followed my guide on how to install informatica, you would have already received all the pdf guides supplied with the product.

or else you can also download the guides for v9.6..1 from the below link. You will have access to this site only if you have an email id of a corporation which is a partner of Informatica. If you belong to such a company you can register with your company email id.

If you do not have such access you can try searching for individual pdf files on google and downloading them from the links shown by google which will be mainly from Informatica community website. Any 9.x.x version guide will be good enough for our preparation.

We will need the following 7 guides for the preparation


Google them individually and download if you do not have access to myinformatica portal.

Which chapters to study?:-

Below is a breakup of each subtopic from the syllabus along with the chapters from the guides that we need to study.

Mapping Design Basics:- 45%

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.15.50 PM

Mapping Design Advanced:- 20%

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.16.05 PM

Others:- 35%

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.16.18 PM

This is the reading material and the chapters we need to study to prepare ourselves for the certification. Hope this is helpful to you.

Next Post(Part3) will be on Architecture and Administration overview and questions we can expect. You can write to me at or follow me on twitter @atalraghav


How to prepare for Informatica PowerCenter v9 Developer certification – Part1 (The Syllabus)

In this multipart series of posts I will describe how to prepare for PowerCenter v9 Developer certification.

I will cover topics right from getting the syllabus to registering for the exam to preparing for it. It will be a big series which will cover the complete syllabus in depth with some sample questions.

There are two certification offered by Informatica in PowerCenter space – one is for Developers and one for Admins. This series will cover the syllabus for the Developer certification.

Part 1:- What is the syllabus and how to get it?

In order to get the syllabus for the Developer 9.x certification head over to the Informatica community website. From this page download the pdf PowerCenter DI 9x Dev Specialist Skill Set Inventory.pdf.

This 5 page pdf also called the skill set inventory by Informatica contains the information about the developer certification, the topics percentage breakup, question format and the Test topics that will be covered in this certification.

In summary

  • The test will consist of 70 multiple choice/multiple response/true-false type questions
  • It covers 7 broad topics of Informatica Powercenter product
  • Passing grade to achieve Certified Informatica PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x: Developer, Specialist status is 70%

Below are the broad topics and their percentage wise breakup that constitute the test

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.14.17 AM

For subtopics please see pages 3 and 4 of the skill set inventory we downloaded above.

In the next post I will list down how to get the required reading material for each subtopic and the pages and chapters we need to read to cover these topics. All this in Part 2.

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