How to install legitimate copy of Informatica v9.6.1 on windows 7 for personal use for free – Part 2

This is the second part of the 6 part guide which describes how to install Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1 for personal use

  1. How to get and unpack the legitimate copies of the software packages (see Part 1)
  2. How to install Oracle 11g and create a database for Informatica repository and domain
  3. How to install Informatica 9.6.1 server software (see Part 3)
  4. How to install Informatica 9.6.1 client software (see Part 4)
  5. How to create Informatica repository and integration services (see Part5)
  6. How to test whether the setup is working (see Part 6)

Click Here previous post (part1) which describes how to get and unpack required software packages

In this part I will describe How to install Oracle 11g and create a database for Informatica Repository and Domain

So here we go..

STEP1:-  Go to the unzipped database folder which we unpacked in the part 1 of this post (STEP 7) and run the setup file




Leave everything blank in the next screen and uncheck the box for My Oracle support and press next. Ignore the warning popup and press Yes.




STEP2:- Select the option to Create and Configure a database


STEP3:- Select Desktop Class installation in the next screen


STEP4:- Set the properties in the next screen as per the screenshot below. Note Down the password you provide here. Also make sure you note down the Global Database Name your provide. Click Next


STEP5:- Wait for pre-requisites check to complete and then press Finish


STEP 6:- After this database configuration assistant will popup. Here   click on the Password Management button


unlock the following accounts and provide the same password you provided in STEP4 above.



STEP7:- This will complete the installation of Oracle 11g on your windows 7 machine


Now we will create schemas for Informatica Domain and Informatica Repository databases. We will also provide some grants required for Informatica to install repository on this database

STEP8:- Goto command prompt on the windows 7 machine and type sqlplus on command line

Enter the username and password.

Username :- sys as sysdba

Password:- As in step 4


STEP9:- Create schema for Informatica Domain

Schema name:- infa_dom

Identified by: – infa_dom

Command:- create user info_dom identified by info_dom


I have kept the password same as Schema Name for simplicity. You can give anything you like but do note it down as we will need this during Informatica server installation.

Run the following grants after user is created

Grant resource, dba to infa_dom;


STEP10:- Follow similar steps to create schema for Informatica Repository database

Schema Name :- infa_rep

Identified By :- infa_rep

Grant resource, dba to infa_rep;


Keep the passwords safe for infa_rep and infa_dom schemas that we just created. We will use it while installing the Informatica Server.

This completes the Oracle 11g installation and configuration of database for Informatica installation. Please see part 3 of this post to continue with the Informatica Server installation.

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See you in a bit!!


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  1. HI Raghav,
    Thanks very much for nice tutorial. when i was creating infa_rep and infa_dom user, it didnt ask any password .
    I just got that “user Created”.In this case what password i need to enter while installing server and client.

  2. Hi Raghav,

    I have a question about licencing Informatica PowerCenter.
    Let’s assume that I’ve my own personal oracle account and I download the Informatica software from
    Are you sure I do not pay for anything?

    Sorry for my english 🙂

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