About Me

I am a technology enthusiast and a data warehousing professional who helps large financial institutions in implementing their data strategy

In the last 10 years I have worked on various large scale Data warehousing and reporting projects right from inception to production. I have worked with multitude of tools like Informatica Powercenter,  Cadis EDM, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Business Objects etc.

In this blog I share what I have learned and continue to learn. As of now, I am primarily focussing on Informatica PowerCenter as this has been my main ETL tool over the years and the one which is versatile enough to handle all kind of challenges one throws at it.

I am also interested in the new age technologies like Big Data, Machine learning and how they can be used with Informatica PowerCenter. I will share my learnings in upcoming posts.

Apart from this I also utilize my time tinkering with my raspberrypi, playing with the leap motion controller, developing iOS apps, performing data analysis using python, solving Kaggle and Google code jam problem sets, creating websites using the MEAN javascript stack and participating in hackathons.

So stay tuned!! Email me at raghavatalblog@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions or follow me on twitter @atalraghav. I will try my best to respond.