How to prepare for Informatica PowerCenter v9 Developer certification – Part1 (The Syllabus)

In this multipart series of posts I will describe how to prepare for PowerCenter v9 Developer certification.

I will cover topics right from getting the syllabus to registering for the exam to preparing for it. It will be a big series which will cover the complete syllabus in depth with some sample questions.

There are two certification offered by Informatica in PowerCenter space – one is for Developers and one for Admins. This series will cover the syllabus for the Developer certification.

Part 1:- What is the syllabus and how to get it?

In order to get the syllabus for the Developer 9.x certification head over to the Informatica community website. From this page download the pdf PowerCenter DI 9x Dev Specialist Skill Set Inventory.pdf.

This 5 page pdf also called the skill set inventory by Informatica contains the information about the developer certification, the topics percentage breakup, question format and the Test topics that will be covered in this certification.

In summary

  • The test will consist of 70 multiple choice/multiple response/true-false type questions
  • It covers 7 broad topics of Informatica Powercenter product
  • Passing grade to achieve Certified Informatica PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x: Developer, Specialist status is 70%

Below are the broad topics and their percentage wise breakup that constitute the test

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.14.17 AM

For subtopics please see pages 3 and 4 of the skill set inventory we downloaded above.

In the next post I will list down how to get the required reading material for each subtopic and the pages and chapters we need to read to cover these topics. All this in Part 2.

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  1. Hi Raghav,

    Thank you so much for putting all this together. All this is so much of help for person like me who is planning to have a certification. I have worked as Informatica developer. and now I am planning to have certification.
    I have few questions here. I read in the skill set inventory info pdf………..on pg2……………..The recommended training prerequisites for Specialist certification are the completion of the following Informatica course(s):
     PowerCenter 9.x Level 1 Developer
     PowerCenter 9.x Level 2 Developer

    So does that mean I need to take PowerCenter 9.x Level 1 Developer certification and then level2 certification and then PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x: Developer, Specialist Certification?

    Thanks in Advance.

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