How to download WWDC 2014 videos on your mac?

Apple does not allow you to download the WWDC videos locally, hence I found this way to download the videos for offline use. This might be useful in countries where the internet speed is slow.

Following is the 5 step process to download any WWDC 2014 video to your mac.

Step1:- Open the  link “”    in your web browser. and login with your developer account if prompted

Step2:- Save the html page as video.html in a folder on your mac.
ex: ~/Documents/wwdc2014/video.html

by going  to File Menu -> Save As command in your web browser

Step3:- Run the following commands in terminal
1) Navigate to where you saved your video.html file
cd ~/Documents/wwdc/2014

2) Get a list of SD video links
For SD vidoes (low quality, small file size)
grep ".mov" video.html| grep "_sd_" |cut -d'"' -f4

3) OR Get a list of HD video links
For HD vidoes (high quality, huge file size)
grep ".mov" video.html| grep "_sd_" |cut -d'"' -f2

Step4:- Copy the link (one link at a time) of the video you want to download from the list presented by the above commands in the terminal window.

Then run the following command on your terminal window

curl “paste copied link here” >

RA$ curl >

This will start the download of the .mov file

Step5:- Once the download is complete rename the file


or by navigating to the folder using the finder.

Voila!! Now you have the WWDC video for offline use. Enjoy learning.

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