How to pass a parameter file to an Informatica workflow at run time

The name and path to the parameter file is often hardcoded in the workflow or session properties tab. There is no option to parameterize the parameter file at the workflow or session level. Understandably so, as its the parameter file itself.

However there are times when you need to invoke the same workflow with different set of parameters. And, you cannot go and change the production code every time you need to do so.

To solve this problem, Informatica provides an option to specify the parameter file as an argument with its pmcmd command.

As you might know pmcmd is the command line interface exposed by Informatica Powercenter to control the workflow execution. Using this command in this scenario can help you in passing in different parameter files every time you invoke the workflow.

Below is the example usage of this command with parameter file option:-

pmcmd start workflow -service <IS_nameOfIntegrationService>
                                                    -user <username>
                                                    -password <password>
                                                    -[-folder <folder_name>]
                                                    -[-paramfile <path\nameOfParamFile>]
(remove the angle and square brackets)

Common practice is to create a shell script or batch script which invokes the workflow by pmcmd command with relevant parameter file.

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