How to create a password protected .zip file using Informatica

In Informatica there is no inherent option to zip files. But sometimes there are requirements which need a compressed file with password protection to be sent over the internet to external vendors

In order to fulfill this requirement you should have a compression tool, which has a command line interface, installed on your Informatica server.

One such tool most commonly used on windows platform is WinZip. It has a very well defined command line interface which can be used in the post success scripts section of the session to zip and password protect the file.

Below is an example to zip and password protect all files in the current folder to a file named

wzzip -spassword d:\temp\ *.*

[You guessed it right the password set in above case will be “password” and you can set it as you like]

Have fun with zipping and protecting your Informatica generated files 🙂


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