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How to install legitimate copy of Informatica v9.6.1 on windows 7 for personal use for free – Part 6

Finally we have reached the 6th and the last part of this series. We have already installed everything and now we need to test it. Please see previous posts if you are catching on from here

  1. How to get and unpack the legitimate copies of the software packages (see Part 1)
  2. How to install Oracle 11g and create a database for Informatica repository and domain (see Part 2)
  3. How to install Informatica 9.6.1 server software (see Part 3)
  4. How to install Informatica 9.6.1 client software (see Part 4)
  5. How to create Informatica repository and integration services (see Part5)
  6. How to test whether the setup is working

Click here for previous post which describes How to create Informatica repository and integration services.

In this final post I will describe how to connect Informatica clients to your server and create and run a test mapping.

STEP1:- Fire up Informatica Repository Manager by going to All Programs-> Informatica 9.6.1-> Client -> PowerCenter Client-> Repository Manager

Goto the Repository Menu and click on Configure Domains. You will get the following window. In this window click on the create button inside the red square



Fill in the details as in the screenshot below and click ok. The Details in this screen should match the details you provided while installing the Informatica server. See Part 3 Step 10.



STEP2:- Select the repository from the right hand pane and press Ok


Now you will get the INFA_DEV_REP repository listed on the left hand navigator in Repository Manager

STEP3:- Create a Development folder where we will create our code components for testing. Still In the repository manager connect to the INFA_DEV_REP repository by double clicking the repository icon in the navigator menu. Supply Administrator credentials to login.


STEP4:- Go to folder menu in Repository Manager and provide the folder name to create and press OK


You will see the folder now created inside the INFA_DEV_REP repository.

STEP5:- Goto Informatica Designer and login to the repository with Administrator credentials. Create a simple source file to target file one to one mapping in the folder we created in previous step



STEP6:- Goto Informatica Worklfow Manager and create a workflow for this mapping and configure the source and target information in mapping tab


STEP7:- Execute the workflow and check the status in Workflow Monitor


Well this concludes a fairly long process of getting your own copy of Informatica to play with.

Please do provide your feedback and comments if you have any suggestions. You can write to me at raghavatalblog@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @atalraghav

Happy Learning!!